Program October 21 - Project Updates

October 21, 2020

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Fonds de solidarité FTQ


Session chair: Simon T. Hébert

This presentation will be given in French.


Douay Gold Project – Atypical Gold Mineralization Associated with Alkaline Carbonatite Intrusive Complex

Maple Gold Mines has been exploring the Douay Gold Project, which holds 2.8 Moz of gold, since 2010. There are a series of pyrite-bearing ore zones in an alkaline intrusive complex and in host rocks. There are also rather orogenic styles of mineralization within the sedimentary sequence on the northern side. Upcoming work will include drilling in the known resource area for future economic studies, and geophysical surveys of our targets within the resource sector and along its borders, as well as surveys of sectors further away to determine new drilling targets.

  • Duration : 25 min.
  • Cost : $150 per bloc
  • Virtual Conference