Program October 23 - Quebec’s CSM Industry

October 23, 2020

Session presented by:
Propulsion Qc

In collaboration with:

Session chair: Simon Thibault

This presentation will be given in French.


Critical and Strategic Minerals and Metals: Quebec’s Potential and SOQUEM’s Objectives

Quebec has high potential for critical and strategic minerals and metals (cobalt, copper, graphite, lithium, manganese, nickel, rare earths and vanadium). Cobalt, vanadium and manganese are present as by-products within nickel-copper and iron deposits. These minerals and metals are present in various metallogenic environments distributed along the five geological provinces of Quebec. The objective of this presentation is to present the mineral potential and SOQUEM Action Plan with regards to exploration and development of the eight minerals and metals.

  • Duration : 40 min.
  • Cost : $150 per bloc
  • Virtual Conference